Torchsong Studio

Lampwork beads, vessels, and charms

These bracelets are made by embroidering with seed beads, crystals, pearls and cabochons on a piece of stiff fabric.

The heavily embellished fabric is glued onto the outside of a metal bracelet form. A piece of Ultra suede is glued to the inside of the form. The two fabric pieces are then joined with a special bead stitch. The bracelets are about 1-½" wide and can be adjusted to fit most wrists.

They are very intricate and involve many hours of work. Each bracelet is a one of a kind piece of art.

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Blue Lightning Cuff

This was one of the first cuff bracelets I made with a metal base. I love the jasper cabochon because it looks as if lightning was captured in mid strike. The natural colored beads and the pearl leaves on the sides of the main stone nestle around it. Deep blues predominate in this bracelet and make it easy to pair with many looks, khakis or even jeans.

Lined with soft navy Ultrasuede.

$150.00 [purchase]

Lilac Mist Cuff

A marquis-shaped cabochon of jasper in a pale lilac color. The picture doesn’t really show the true colors in the cabochon, but it matches the misty purple beads perfectly. When I started this bracelet, it designed itself in my mind before I began to sew. Sometimes they develop as I sew, but in this case I knew it would be interwoven swirls of purples and silver. The bracelet came together just as I imagined it.

Lined with soft gray Ultrasuede.

$150.00 [purchase]

Tickled Pink Cuff

I had trouble placing these Rhodochrosite cabs until I lined them up side-by-side. When I started embroidering, an art deco design took shape on the piece. It continues down the sides in triangles and more squared off shapes. A dream in pinks, peaches and coppery beads, this could have been plucked from the jewelry box of a 20’s flapper to grace the wrist of a modern woman.

Lined with soft gray Ultrasuede.

$150.00 [purchase]