Torchsong Studio

Lampwork beads, vessels, and charms


The vessels on this page are all hollow, built on the end of a 1/8" mandrel. Most have cork stoppers which effectively seal the tops so that they will hold liquids, or whatever you choose to put in there, securely. Sizes vary, but most are 1 to 1-½". Some have been photographed with a ball chain to stabilize them. The chain is not included. For more individual info, feel free to contact me.

"Salt Glazed" Jug

This little salt-glazed jug was made for fun and is a little something different.

It could always be used to hold a tiny “nip” of something, but we usually think of our vessels as holding a wonderful scent, a few grains of sand or perhaps a wish written on a tiny scroll.

Including the cork, the little jug is 1-¼" tall.

$40.00 [purchase]


Carnivale is a explosion of bright streamers, punctuated by pops in a dark, magical night.

Including the cork, the vessel is about 1-½" tall.

$40.00 [purchase]

Foggy Floral

The base of this vessel is a special color that may never be made again. It reminds me of a foggy day. A goldstone stem scrolls around the tiny bottle and multicolored blooms appear here and there. Made on a ¼" mandrel, the hole at the top is larger than usual.

The vessel is a little over 1", cork adds about an 1/8".

$35.00 [purchase]

Here Fishy, Fishy

Here Fishy, Fishy is a sculptured, hollow bead, wired with two sterling silver loops for hanging on your cord or chain.

We feel fish are lucky symbols – especially for a Pisces!

Here Fishy, Fishy is almost 2" from the top of the cork to the tip of his tail.

$45.00 [purchase]

Little Pinky

Little Pinky is made from a glass called Rose Quartz and the flowers on the body are a very pale lilac color that blend into the pink background.

From the top of the cork to the bottom, Little Pinky is about 1-¼" tall.

$35.00 [purchase]


This black vessel was fun to splash with enamels and then add dots and strings. It became a very “Moderne” look!

The vessel is wired with one sterling loop for hanging on your own cord or chain and ffrom the top of the cork to the bottom of the vessel, it measures about 1-½"

$35.00 [purchase]